Sunday, March 23, 2008

Still Cloudy

This year's winter was unusually warm. In fact, it was the warmest Belarus winter so far in my entire life. Daily temperatures were often abnormally high and snow was scarce. Then there was a very promising beginning of spring - more sunny days and no snow at all. But on March 19, the day I started this blog, this changed. Clouds and wind with little sunlight became a norm since then. But I'm optimistic that such weather won't last!


Greg Dimitriadis said...

Very nice photo! I like the wide angle perspective. What does the drawing on the side of the building represent?

Olga said...

There're several such buildings along this street, each having its own unique mosaic panel. The mosaic on the building from the photo is a decoration (resembles folk art ornaments) that does not denote anything.

BTW, I recently found out that the structure on the top of this building was initially planned to be a garden!